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By Garret Harkawik



'Doom Vibrations' Will Premiere at the New Haven International Film Festival.


ack in late 2017, I started work on a new project.  I had long been interested in the phenomenon know as "the hum" - a low-frequency, irritating sound heard by people worldwide, the cause of which is unknown.

After wrapping up my previous film I was trying to figure out what to do next and started looking into the hum again - assuming that someone was probably already working on a film about it.  But, not only did it appear that no one had made a hum documentary yet, I also discovered that I lived fairly close to a man named Steve Kohlhase who had done quite a bit of research into what might have been causing the hum.

I contacted Steve to see if he would be interested in sitting down for an interview (he was) and the result is a new 25 minute film called 'Doom Vibrations.'  It follows Steve's story over the past decade as he tries to diagnose the root cause of the hum.  After much research and investigation, Steve now thinks he has the answer.

The film will premiere on May 18th, 2019 as part of the the New Haven International Film Festival (tickets here).

Like my previous films, 'Doom Vibrations' will feature a new original score (by me) and will hopefully be screened at more points in the future (as always if you would like to arrange a screening, just send me an email!).

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