Youtube Has Removed My Justin Bieber / Kate Bush Mashup, But You Can Still Hear It Here

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By Garret Harkawik


few years back, Karl Hohn and I made a mashup of Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" and Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work" (called, naturally, "What Does This Woman's Work Mean."

The response was great (we even got featured on the AV Club), and it's been a source of pride for me ever since.  However, recently Karl let me know that the video had been taken down from Youtube due to a copyright claim:

This was quite a bummer!  The video was flagged as containing a sample from the Bieber track when I uploaded it (but was still allowed to post it), I guess it just took a few years for the Youtube algorithm to properly identify the Kate Bush sample?  Who knows.  Anyway, I'm reposting the track here, please enjoy responsibly:

What Does This Woman's Work Mean - Garret Harkawik & Karl Hohn
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