Why Did I Make This Terrible Carl Stone / Tay Zonday Mashup?

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By Garret Harkawik


recently completed a new mashup of Carl Stone's Banteay Srey and Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain called, naturally, BanTay ZonSrey.  It's not very good - BUT - there's a somewhat interesting story about why I bothered to make it!

First, here's the finished mashup:

This all got started a few weeks ago when I noticed the following tweet from Unseen Worlds, a label that recently released a collection of Stone's work:

I thought it was pretty weird, but plausible that Tay Zonday was a Carl Stone fan, so I tweeted to Stone that he should do a collaboration, mostly as a joke (and not really expecting a response).  So I was pretty surprised a few days later to this new tweet:

I was pretty baffled that Soulja Boy would be weighing in on the possibility of a Stone / Zonday remix, especially since I was pretty sure I was the only person on earth who had tweeted and/or encouraged it (a quick search of twitter confirmed this).  I also thought it was pretty weird that Unseen Worlds was posting the videos to twitter themselves (as opposed to Zonday and Soulja Boy posting them to their own accounts).  It also kind of seemed like Zonday didn't really know who Carl Stone was in his video.  

Needless to say, I started to think there was something going on, and that these were not genuine D-List celebrity shoutouts.

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A quick google search revealed my suspicions to be correct - is a website where you can pay minor celebrities to record video messages on their phones for you.  Zonday's page even featured his message to Stone in his recent videos: 

The discovery reminded me of coming across a similar website years ago that allowed you to call celebrities on the phone (for a fee, of course): which mostly seems to feature actors from 90's television.

So it's safe to assume that Stone's label commissioned the videos.  Nevertheless I liked the idea of mashing up Zonday and Stone, even if the results weren't too listenable.  At least I got some recognition from Stone himself:

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