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By Garret Harkawik

o a couple months back Karl Hohn and I released our mashup of Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean? and Kate Bush's This Woman's Work.  You Can listen to it below.


While the two tracks compliment each other well, it was quite a bit of work to assemble.  Finding a version of the Bieber track without vocals was easy enough, but we couldn't get our hands on an isolated vocal track from This Woman's Work, so I went about creating one.  The process involved a ton of experimentation with Adobe Prelude's center channel extractor tool which, while not perfect, eventually yielded some pretty good results.


The track also contains a sample from a VHS tape I have about how to break into the world of glamor modeling.  You gotta work hard!


Karl and I were pretty jazzed that the AV Club wrote a nice piece about the mashup:

UPDATE 2/6/19 - Youtube has blocked the video due to a copyright claim, but you can still hear it here.

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