An interview-based documentary featuring filmmaker Evan Curtis, who does not loan things out (ever), but is more than happy to borrow. A look into the awkward world of loaning and borrowing among friends, and the precious items that get lost as a result.

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2012 / 5mins / HD

About The Film

before ultimately deciding to focus on one person (our good friend Evan Curtis).

don't remember how or why my wife and I first came up with the idea to interview people about borrowing and lending their possessions, but once we had the concept we decided to run with it.  We interviewed a handful of people about their experiences, 


The film was shot on two cameras, a VX1000 and some Sony HDV camera (I forget which one), in the office I was working in at the time.  And it was a very happy day when Evan found his old VHS copy of the animation he described in our interview with him.

The music was composed by Ian Hultquist, formerly of Passion Pit and currently scoring a ton of narrative and documentary features.

No Return was released online in late 2011.

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