After two years of production, my new short documentary will premiere at the New Haven International Film Festival on May 18th, 2019.

News / May 3rd, 2019

My original score to the documentary of the same name is out now on all major platforms.

News / January 22nd, 2019

Remote Viewing Memories is a found-footage documentary that tells the story of Ed Dames, one of the world's leading experts on remote viewing (a psychic method of transcending space and time).  Through archival interviews, infomercials and other media we follow Ed as he leaves the military in the late 80's and attempts to find success marketing his remote viewing techniques to the private sector.


Remote Viewing Memories is also an LP of music written for and inspired by the film.

Documentary / 23 mins


My plunderphonics-y first album was released ten years ago, so I decided to break it down, track-by-track.

News / November 8th, 2018

A collection of almost all of my short documentaries, available to watch online for free.



The archives for the majority of essays and other writing that I've done online.


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